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Vehicle Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your car running safely and reliably. Following scheduled maintenance guidelines allows you to be prevent problems before they cause break downs. Regular maintenance means optimal performance as your car gets older, keeps parts working longer and saves money by preventing the need for expensive repairs.

When you bring your car to Roy's for scheduled service we routinely check your vehicle for anything that might cause future problems. We look for wear in all the components and parts that keep your car running safely. If we see something wrong we will notify you about it and recommend repairs.

We maintain service records for your car. After your first visit at Roy's we know what was done and what's due next time. No duplication or unnecessary work will be done on your car at Roy's.

A few things you should know about car maintenance and your warranty:

Please call us at (505) 982-4761 for all your maintenance and service needs.