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Transmission Service 

The transmission in your car converts the power from your engine to energy that makes the wheels turn on your car. While your engine turns in only one direction, your car goes forward or backward as you choose. The transmission also allows the engine to run at the most efficient speed relative to the speed of your car or truck.

You may have a manual transmission that requires you to shift to the gear needed for the speed you are travelling. Or, you may have an automatic transmission that changes gears automatically as you drive faster or slower. Most modern cars have automatic transmissions so we'll explain how to service and maintain an automatic transmission for optimal performance. At Roy's we service and repair automatic and manual transmissions. So please call us for any transmission problems you may experience.

An automatic transmission uses a special fluid to drive and change the gears as you drive. The transmission fluid circulates through a cooler and filter as it drives the transmission. Over time the fluid gets hot and contaminated and the filter becomes saturated with dirt. Transmission services are often left neglected. This can lead to shifting problems, premature repairs or possibly replacement of your transmission. Automatic transmission replacement can cost $2,000 or more.

We recommend following your car manufacturer's recommendations for transmission service intervals. We use the Wynn's® Transmission Power Flush Service that meets or exceeds OEM specifications. A typical transmission service can leave as much as 40% of the old fluid in the system. The remainder is trapped inside the torque converter, valve bodies and cooler lines. The Wynn's® Flush System removes more than 95% of the old fluid before replacing with clean fresh ATF. Proprietary chemicals used in the flushing process help extend the life of the transmission fluid till the next service.

The photos below show how your car can benefit from regular transmission service at Roy's Pro Auto.*                

Before After Before After
Dirty Transmission Cooler Before and after service Clean Torque Converter
Transmission Cooler Torque Converter

Your car will benefit in all the following ways when you have your transmission serviced at Roy's Pro Auto.

Please call us at (505) 982-4761 the next time your transmission needs service.

* Photos provided courtesy of Wynn's® Auto Products.