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Fuel System Service and Repair

The Fuel System in your car delivers gasoline or diesel from the tank to the engine. Efficient operation is critical for your car to deliver full power and good gas mileage. The basic components of a fuel system are a tank, fuel lines, filter, pump and carburetor or fuel injectors. Most older cars have carburetors and new cars usually are fuel injected.

When everything works correctly fuel flows in the correct amounts from the tank in your car to the combustion chamber in your engine. If you experience a major problem with your fuel system your car may not run at all. Minor problems can rob your car's power and reduce mileage. Whether you need a repair or just preventive maintenance, Roy's Pro Auto will keep your fuel system working like new.

As your vehicle's age increases you may find yourself using more fuel, producing more emissions or just losing power. When your car gets older - dirt, varnish buildup, corrosion and carbon deposits may restrict the flow of fuel to your engine. This is just normal wear and tear, especially for fuel injected vehicles. The pictures below illustrate the results of build up on injectors and valves.

Clogged Injector

Clogged Injector           Clean Injector           Dirty Intake Valve           Clean Intake Valve

We use the Wynn's® Fuel System Tune Up System to service your fuel system and prevent deposits from causing problems or breakdowns. The services listed below are what's included in every Fuel System Tune Up and Service at Roy's Pro Auto.

When your fuel system is clean and free from deposits you benefit from: