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Fluids and Lubrication

The operation and maintenance of your car is dependent on proper and adequate lubrication and fluid maintenance. Lubrication and oils prevent friction and weight from causing metal parts to wear out. Coolants keep the enormous heat generated in your engine from destroying your engine while allowing you to heat the car. Other special fluids enable your transmission and power steering to work. Without brake fluid you wouldn't be able to stop.

When it comes to fluid changes and lubrication we recommend following the guidelines given by the manufacturer of your car. Any lubrication or fluid service we do at Roy's Pro Auto in Santa Fe, NM meets or exceeds OEM requirements and keeps all your warranties valid. Whether you need the fluids changed or just topped off we can do it at Roy's Pro Auto.

The information below will provide you with the basics about automotive fluids and trouble shooting related problems

Engine Oil

Motor oil is the life-blood of your engine.  Without oil, the engine would only run for a few minutes before friction and heat caused total engine failure. Oil prevents metal parts from rubbing directly against each other thereby reducing friction and heat to levels that would otherwise cause damage and premature wear.  Motor oil prevents friction and heat from causing problems by creating a separating film between the moving parts in the engine. It also provides them with a protective layer against rust and corrosion. Modern engine oils do a great job of lubricating parts and reducing rust and corrosion but still become contaminated over time.  by metal, dust and moisture. The additives in the oil  eventually break down as well and need to be replaced. To protect your engine from wear caused by old and contaminated oil, Roy's Pro Auto Service recommends changing it as specified in your owner’s manual. If you don't have access to your owner's manual or manufacturer recommendations we can advise you about how often to change the oil. We have trained and have state of the art equipment for professional oil changes. We also recommend the Wynn's Supreme® Cleaning Service. Click here for more information.  Come by Roy's today for your oil change!

Transmission Fluid

 The  transmission in your car transfers power from the engine to the wheels via a series of gears and clutches. Special fluid in your transmission allows the smooth transfer of power. Eventually, the fluid will become contaminated with metal particles and will need to be cleaned or replaced. When we service the transmission in your car we replace the fluid and filter. The old transmission fluid needs to be drained and replaced with the manufacturer recommended fluid for your vehicle. If your transmission has a filter it should be changed at the same time. Following manufacturer recommendations is the smart way to prevent transmission failure and prolong the life of your car. Click here for more information about the professional transmission service provided at Roy's Pro Auto.


Modern automobile engines burn fuel and generate an enormous amount of heat. Without a way to remove the heat, the engine would destroy itself in a short amount of time. Nearly all cars use a liquid comprised of water and antifreeze to cool the engine. The advantage of mixing water with antifreeze is that it raises the boiling to more than 250º and lowers the freezing point well below 0º. An additional advantage of a mixture of antifreeze and water is that the antifreeze contains additives to prevent rust and corrosion. This coolant is circulated through the engine where it picks up heat and carries it to the radiator. Once in the radiator, air coming in from the grill cools the liquid and it is re-circulated. Eventually the additives in the antifreeze breakdown and the coolant can become corrosive to the metal parts in the engine and radiator. This can cause leaks. So the coolant in your car needs attention to make sure the mixture prevents overheating and freezing and flushing to prevent rust and corrosion . At Roy's Pro Auto Service, we recommend that your vehicle’s coolant be flushed on a regular basis to prevent unnecessary damage to the cooling system. When we service your cooling system we check for leaking, brittle,  or cracked hoses that should be replaced before the antifreeze is replaced. Click here for more information about professional cooling system service at Roy's Pro Auto Service.

Power Steering Fluid

Ever wonder why your car is so easy to steer? The answer is power steering. The steering in your car is assisted by hydraulic pressure that makes it easy to steer with one hand. When you turn the steering wheel special pressurized fluid is pumped through a valve mechanism to reduce the effort needed to turn the car in the direction you want to go. As with all the fluids in your car, the power steering  fluid can become contaminated over time and should be replaced at intervals specified by the manufacturer of your vehicle.  Without periodic service the old used fluid can cause  damage to your vehicle’s steering system if left unchanged.

When we service your car we will make sure there is adequate fluid in the power steering system for proper operation. We also check for leaks and damaged hoses that can lead to hard steering and system failure.

Power Steering FluidWhen it's time to flush the system we will pump the old oil out into a container while filling the system back with clean fresh fluid at the proper level. We also recommend checking the power steering fluid whenever you check your oil. If you're not sure how to check the power steering fluid we can show you when your is in for service. The photo on the left shows what power steering fluid looks like before and after it is flushed and replaced. The old dirty oil contains debris and contaminants that can damage the seals and valves that keep your power steering working properly.

Brake Fluid

When you apply the brakes in your car you compress a special fluid that causes the brake pads or shoes to apply pressure to rotors or drums to safely stop your car. Once again over time, like the other fluids in your car, the brake fluid can become contaminated and compromise the ability to safely stop your car.

Unlike other fluids in your car, brake fluid can become contaminated by air and moisture. This causes problems because air and moisture don't compress the same way brake fluid does and will prevent your brakes from achieving the necessary pressure to safely stop your car. If your brakes feel spongy when you press the pedal it is likely that air or moisture has gotten into the lines.

Brake fluid naturally attracts moisture, one of the leading causes of brake failure and repairs. The appearance of the brake fluid in the reservoir isn’t always the best way to tell if it needs replacing. Look at your odometer, if you’ve gone over your OEM recommended service interval, or your brake fluid doesn’t meet manufacturer’s specifications, it’s time to replace it. Not sure what to look for? Bring it by and we'll let you know what may be needed. When it comes to safety, nothing is more important than your brakes.

Differential and Transfer Case Fluids

If your car is powered by the rear wheels or is a four wheel drive vehicle then it will have a differential and/or a transfer case. Like all the other parts in your car special lubricants are used to prevent wear and break downs to these parts. And like all the other fluids in the car differential and transfer case oils should periodically be changed. Check your owner's manual to see if your car is due for this often neglected service. We check this for you when your car is in for service and will let you know if you are due for service.

Making sure that fluid levels and quality are maintained in your car is part of the care we give when your vehicle is serviced at Roy's Pro Auto in Santa Fe, NM.

For  all your auto maintenance and service needs call Roy's Pro Auto at (505) 982-4761