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Engine Services



Just about everything in your car depends on the engine. The motor in your car is like your heart. If it stops so does everything else. While we offer a full complement of engine repair services we highly recommend maintaining and servicing your car's engine to prevent costly repairs.

The best way to maintain the engine in your car is to have it serviced by trained qualified technicians. At Roy's we are trained and certified to do all the service, diagnosis and maintenance required to keep your engine running the way you expect. Whether it's something basic like an oil change or more complicated like a timing belt replacement, or anything in between, we do it all.

You benefit from regular engine service by getting reliable service, better mileage and extended life for your car. A well maintained car can be worth more when it comes time to trade it in or sell it. Our pledge to you is to provide honest and professional service to keep your engine and car running it's best.

Here's how we provide the best engine service and maintenance available for your car:

Oil Change

Engines generate tremendous heat. Over time this heat plus contaminants from the combustion process combine to break down your engine oil. Dirty oil leads to increased engine wear that will eventually cause premature wear to your engine. Clean oil and a clean oil filter optimizes lubrication and extends the life of your engine. We recommend following your car manufacturer's schedule for Oil left behindoil changes. A traditional oil change can leave up to 20% of the old oil inside your engine. The container on the right illustrates how much oil may be left behind with a traditional oil change. The dirty oil starts to contaminate the new oil as soon as you start driving your car.

To correct for this problem we recommend the Wynn's Supreme® Engine Cleaning Service once a year or every 15,000 miles. The Wynn's® service pumps a cleaner through your engine to dissolve sludge and varnish. Then the Wynn's Cleaning System® clears away loose deposits. And finally a special Wynn's Oil Treatment is added to extend the life of the new oil. The result for you is better performance, and longer engine life.

Fuel System Service

Engine service should always include checking the fuel system for proper operation. Good mileage, full power, smooth running and reduced pollution are the result of a well maintained fuel system. When your car is serviced at Roy's we make sure your fuel system is optimized for top performance. For more information about how we take care of the fuel system in your car please click here.

Tune Up and Filter Replacement

Engines in modern cars are designed to go farther than ever before without major maintenance. That's why adherence to maintenance schedules is so important. When it's due for a tune up our trained ASE® technicians will make sure your car is firing on all cylinders.

When your car gets tuned up at Roy's it includes all the following:

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