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Engine Repairs

You might call the engine the most important part of your car. Without the engine your car won't move and that is, after all, the purpose of having a car. Most everything else like the cooling, starting, exhaust and fuel systems are designed to help  the engine run efficiently. Modern car engines are built to last a long time get you where you want to go.

The best way to keep your engine running properly is have it serviced and maintained at regular intervals. Oil changes, tune-ups, filter replacements and regular inspections will, in most cases, prevent costly engine break downs and repairs. At Roy's Pro Auto we do everything we can to ensure trouble free engine operation. We have the experience and know how to keep your engine running like it came from the factory. Please click here to read about how we service and maintain your engine to keep it running smooth and trouble free.

Even with proper maintenance and service your engine is still subject to normal wear and tear may require the need for repairs. We want you to know that Roy's Pro Auto can fix whatever may go wrong with your engine. Whether it's minor or major we can fix it.

 We are fully equipped and trained to diagnose any problem with your engine and fix it right here at Roy's.

Here's just a partial list of engine repairs we do at Roy's Pro Auto Service:

For  complete engine service or repairs call us at (505) 982-4761