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Electrical Systems and Repairs

Electricity is essential for your car's operation. Without electricity your car won't start or run. Your car’s electrical system consists of a battery, starter, and lots of wires and switches. To start the car the battery supplies electrical power to the starter. Once the engine starts, the alternator generates electricity to recharge the battery and supply the power to run all the electrical components in your car. If one of these parts is not working, your car won’t start or run properly.

When you turn the key to start your car the starter motor makes the engine turn until the car starts and runs burning gasoline or diesel fuel. The car's engine then turns a belt connected to the alternator which generates electricity to power the electrical parts of your engine like the spark plugs as well as all the accessories in your car like the lights, radio, fans, power windows and anything else you turn on and off with the touch of a switch. If the battery, alternator or starter fails on your car then your car won't start or run.

When you have your car serviced at Roy's Pro Auto we take special care to inspect the electrical system in your car to prevent problems before they can cause a breakdown. Our technicians use special diagnostic equipment to test your battery, alternator and starter motor. We visually check for worn or cracked belts and loose or frayed wires. If we spot something wrong we can repair it before it causes an inconvenient or costly breakdown. If you see a warning light or a gauge warning indicating a problem with an electrical component you should call right away for an appointment.

We sell Interstate Batteries® and replacement parts that meet or exceed manufacturer specifications. When repairs are finished they qualify for the Tech-Net Nationwide Warranty.