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Cooling System Repair

Did you know that the Department of Transportation states that cooling system failures are the leading cause of mechanical breakdowns on the nation's highways? When cooling system failures do occur, they can result in very expensive repairs and inconvenient break downs.

The engine in your car generates an enormous amount of heat. The cooling system is designed to control that heat so your engine will run without over-heating and provide heat to keep you comfortable when driving in cold weather. The cooling system works by circulating liquid coolant, a mixture of anti-freeze and water, that absorbs engine heat and carries it to the radiator where it is cooled and then re-circulated to keep your car at a safe temperature. When your car is serviced at Roy's we check that all cooling system parts are working properly and that the liquid coolant is properly mixed to prevent freezing or overheating. Your cooling system is comprised of the following parts.


The radiator is located at the very front of the engine in your car. You'll notice a large fan right behind it. The fan is driven by belts attached to it and helps pull air through the radiator to keep the coolant at the proper temperature. Two large hoses attached to the radiator carry coolant to and from the engine to the radiator. When we service your car we check that there are no leaks in the radiator or hoses that would cause coolant to leak and result in an overheated engine. When your car is serviced at Roy's we carefully inspect your cooling system for cracked or brittle hoses that might break and leak coolant. We have special equipment to keep all the parts in your cooling system clean and running efficiently.

We use the Wynn's® patented Cooling System Flush service to keep your radiator looking like clean radiator on the right. The Wynn's® system uses specially designed equipment to clean and remove up to 95% of your old coolant before replacing with fresh clean fluid.

Clean and dirty radiator


Although you can't see the thermostat it is a critical component of your car's cooling system. The thermostat works by controlling the flow of coolant in your engine. Like any thermostat the one in your car is designed to keep the coolant at the best temperature to prevent engine damage and for the heater in your car to work properly. If you notice the temperature gauge reading hot or the warning light on in your dashboard then you call to have your car checked out. Alternatively if you don't get heat inside your car your thermostat might be stuck open. Either way, at Roy's we have the tools and the know how to see what's wrong and fix it quickly.

Engine Coolant

While the coolant in your car is not actually a part it is vital for the proper operation of your cooling system. Modern cars use a mixture of anti-freeze and water. The proper ratio of water and anti-freeze will prevent freezing at sub-zero temperatures and raise the boiling point well above the 212º. Clean fresh coolant mixed in the proper ratio prevents damage and corrosion that can harm your engine and shorten the life of your car. At Roy's we have all the tools and equipment to keep your cooling system clean and climate optimized.