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Brake Service & Repair 

Nothing is more important to your safety than the brakes in your car. As important as all the parts are that make your car go, the brakes that make your car stop are even more important. You wouldn't be able to drive for long without safe and reliable brakes.

When you push the brake pedal you activate a cylinder that pushes brake fluid to calipers or wheel cylinders that engage the brake pads or shoes against the rotors or drums creating friction that stops your car.

A typical brake system is made up of the parts listed below:          

How does it all work? When you push down on the brake pedal you activate the master cylinder that pressurizes the brake fluid squeezing it into the wheel cylinders and calipers that push the shoes or pads against the drum or rotors creating friction that causes the wheels to stop turning.

Brake fluid is a specially designed liquid that can withstand pressure and heat that builds up in your brake system.

Like other parts on your the brake system is subject to normal wear and tear that requires periodic maintenance and repair. When your car is serviced at Roy's Pro Auto we inspect your entire brake system at regular intervals to prevent breakdowns or dangerous brake failure. When we service your car and brake system we inspect:

If your brakes do need repair your can be confident the repairs will be done properly at Roy's Pro Auto. Our ASE® Certified Technicians have all the knowledge and experience to make the right diagnosis and fix it properly. We have all the tools including equipment to machine rotors and drums right here in the shop. 

Please call us at (505) 982-4761 for all your brake system service, maintenance and repairs.